For tonight

I have a lot of writing to do.

I have writing about a daughter who said, “I was just making sure the door wouldn’t be locked.” I have writing about a superhero who connects raw power lines with his bare hands. I have writing about people choosing behaviors with good intentions…but with near deadly effect. I have writing about love and care and fire. I have writing about writing.

But I still have cold fingers and cold pipes.

Our power went out at 6:00 Friday morning and came back on, thanks to valiant work below zero by a good friend, at 6:45 pm on Sunday. The house is taking time to warm. And so is my writing.

In the next couple days, I will thaw the pipes. And my fingers.

(UPDATE: 30 minutes after I published this, I got the water moving. My fingers are not.)


If you want to help me, by the way, I’d love to know which of my posts from the last year you remember.


9 responses to “For tonight

  1. That’s a hard question. I tend to remember snatches of thought, words, your quiet voice in my ear… rather than single posts.

    From the most recent quarter:

    How is it with your soul? (Thank you for asking)

    Worth looking at (helping me understand the US election from afar)

    The weight of what I could do with stuff (helping me know you better)

    What are you spreading (making me smile)

    Glad the power’s coming back on. Keep warm.

  2. I just discovered your blog recently. “Helen is being brave tonight” was the first post I read and one that resonated with me. My wife is a PK and a Helen-type.

  3. My wife and I were sent your way via another blog. We hope as you continue your sojourn into 2009 you are gifted with memories of Gods favorite thoughts(posts) for you.Many happy divine appointments and gmc’s(God manipulated coincidences).

  4. I’m not going back to look up past posts–yours have a cumulative effect in my life–but, on reflection, I know the ones where you tell someone else’s story, especially when you see what others don’t see in simple acts of kindness or bravery or service or trust, always tug at my heart and usually make me cry. Also, I have loved the way you have spoken about Nancy in so many of your posts this past year.

  5. thank you joanna. Obviously, I’m looking for help with the project you are
    inviting us into: to identify our best post of 2008 and tell why. It’s a
    challenge for me. Thanks for helping me by remembering.

  6. John, Thanks for picking one. That one was a nice one to write.

  7. rbee, welcome! and thanks fro saying hi.

  8. ah Amy, you are right about Nancy showing up a lot this year. I hadn’t
    stopped to think about that. And I think that you are right about the value
    of the stories of others. Gotta remember that.

  9. the water was still there. one of the first i took a look at.