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We aren’t really powerless. We are just one of many houses in Fort Wayne without electricity because of ice.

We are not one of many houses who never have electricity. We are not one of many families without a house. I am not one of many people without any family.

So tonight we are on an adventure-antique gas lamp, fireplace, Christmas cards to address, games to play. We know that within a couple days we’ll have our electricity back.

And so, in all this, i’m still not powerless. I am, however, grateful.


3 responses to “Powerless

  1. sorry your power is out–happy for your calm peacefulness in sharing it…it calms me

  2. crazy weather is the best. anything to change the schedule we make life out to be.

  3. Sometime when you have time (ha!) you should read the chapter “The Sad Irons” from the first volume of Robert Caro’s biography of LBJ. It describes the mode of life of farmwives in the Texas Hill Country before LBJ (and others) helped to implement rural electrification during the 1930s. Sobering stuff.