what to bring to the party


Just bring apples.

And caramel.

Bring red and green apples and a white platter and caramel apple dip.

At the party, slice the apples and arrange them with alternating colors. (Doing at the party means that they won’t turn brown and that you will look handy).  Reserve one half of a red one and one half of a green one. Hollow out the two half apples and spoon the caramel apple dip into the hollows. Put them in the middle of the platter.

People will be impressed with the oddness.


Why a recipe here? Because creativity can be inexpensive and quick and reasonably healthy. Because most of us have most of the tools for creativity close at hand. Because parties with kids need quick and easy and visually interesting food. Because this is a chronicle of me and I did this today.

Because being spiritual means actually living.

And because not everything is a metaphor.


6 responses to “what to bring to the party

  1. Now I’m not sure if this is a metaphor or not.

    Thanks for sharing. And the recipe.

  2. 🙂

    If it is a metaphor, I’m not sure what for.

  3. Jon! You cook! Who knew?

  4. I thought *everything* was a metaphor.

    Sounds good, though. Makes me wish I hadn’t given my daughter the last apple for her lunch.

  5. For whatever reason the only comment I want to write here is….


  6. you just want the one’s with caramel. Don’t you.