a reflection on lights.

This morning, I didn’t know what DMX 512 was.

I mean, I knew it was part of stage lighting, but I had no idea how it worked.

Tonight, I still don’t know how it works.

I do know, however, how to work it.  I know how to assign numbers to each circle of color in some of our new stage lights. I know how to assign those same numbers to little switches and make them get brighter and dimmer. I know to connect four of the lights together and mix the colors. I know how to connect any of 512 sources of light to any of 48 of those switches. I know that there is a lot more capacity that I don’t understand and that we aren’t going to use for a long time. But we could.

I know that understanding the connection took a willingness to look at the instructions and a willingness to accept that there was the possibility of connections in an invisible digital world that I didn’t know anything about. I know that there are people who would have given up because it was just too abstract. I know that I understand that.

And I know that the lights look both like a LightBrite board and kind of like Christmas.

Which also takes a some understanding.


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