IV pouches of sunlight

A friend said that coffee wasn’t working. She said she needed an IV of sunlight.

I laughed. When is coffee not enough?

But then I went into my online file of pictures and found some sunlight.

It was, I admit, kind of old. It had been on the shelf for a year and a half. And it wasn’t pure sunshine. There was an iris in the way. But the iris was growing in ground carefully tended for more than a decade by the woman I love. She planted the iris, watered it, worried over it for a growing season or four.

The sunlight was even older. It had been traveling for awhile. It was planted, carefully tended, and intended by it’s Creator for growth and warmth and life.

Neither the sunshine nor the iris were intended as ends. For that matter, neither was the photo which capture the two.

All of the pieces are about people, about stuff to help people.

When I get too much focused on stuff at the expense of people, or accumulating versions of stuff, or piles of words, or attention or books or gifts, I’m doing it wrong.

It’s about using the pouches of sunlight to give life to people around us.


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