when there isn’t enough space.

Like many churches, we have a sign. Unlike some churches, ours doesn’t have moving lights.

It is perpendicular to the street, allowing people to read one side going one direction and the other side when they are going home.

We never use cute sayings that offend at least as many people as they encourage. We just try to inform.

Earlier this week, I was asked how to announce two events that are happening this weekend. Both needed mention. If we condensed them so much that they would fit on one side, however, no one would understand them.

So I said, treat it like a piece of paper. And so, as you can see, we did.

Happy Friday afternoon everyone.


6 responses to “when there isn’t enough space.

  1. I hope the literalists don’t think they missed the event–as in, “It’s over.” (Do they make parentheses for sign boards? You could put them around the word (over).)

    But…those weren’t my first thoughts (they only came after the analytical part of my brain kicked in)–My first thought was, “Clever–and SO Jon!”

  2. i wanted parentheses but we don’t have them. I thought about making some,
    but didn’t.

  3. So what exactly is the Christmas Shoppe for k-6? ‘Cause my kids wanna go to that.

    And an 0 is 2 ()

  4. perfect! we’ll slice an O.

    They can come! kids can shop for very inexpensive gifts. and have music and
    stories and snacks. Tell em i sent you!

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