breaking your own rules

There are promises you make. They are for keeping. There are rules you make. They are for breaking.

Sometimes I tell people that I will do something for them. I promise. I need to keep my word.

Sometimes I worry that all the letters on the Scrabble rack aren’t facing the same way. That’s a rule for breaking.

Keeping appointments? Promise. Writing every single day just so the calendar in the sidebar has a post every day? Rule.

Making the bed everyday (or never making the bed)? Rule. Staying with the person in the bed? Promise.

Doing what people want you to do? Rule. Respecting people? Promise.

Playing catch later, before later becomes a decade? Promise. Wearing shoes and socks and slacks and shirt and sweater that match? Rule.

Drinking coffee every morning? Rule. Making coffee every night so she doesn’t have to? Promise.

Writing about gratitude every day for a month? Rule. Being grateful for you? Promise.

What promises do you need to keep today? What rules can you…do you need to…break?

Happy Thursday.


10 responses to “breaking your own rules

  1. This is so perfectly timed. I’m reminded of a promise to a client that I must keep, even if it isn’t the thing I most enjoy doing. And of the promise I kept last night, to my son, to go to the grocery store to buy a $.50 item from the toy machine at the front of the store. Even though it was inconvenient. Just perhaps, this is a pattern that God is using in my life. Sometimes I’m a slow learner.

  2. Thanks for the reminder as I begin a very busy, crazy, and hectic next four days that I do have a filter to run things through — rule? or promise? And thanks for giving me “permission” to use this filter. I needed that.

  3. Good distinctions. So is it a rule or a promise never to break a promise? Just something to think about.

  4. Thanks!Rules are made to be broken–Promises are for keeping but if you don’t make your bed….something awful will happen…my mother told me this and I know without a doubt its true!!

  5. funny, Cheryl. A good friend recently said, “What’s important isn’t always
    pleasant.” matches what you are saying!.

  6. Sally – I’ll let you if you let me.

  7. Tom – that is a fabulous question. I think there may be a trap for us in
    what we decide “I promised to do that” means. Because there may, in fact, be
    promises that can be broken. And, in fact, there may be promises that should
    be broken…though I am sure that there are very very few.

  8. Katybeth – I don’t want to argue with your mother, but…..I’m pretty sure
    that if you do make your bed something awful will happen too. (explanation:
    awful things happen, whether or not the bed is made.)

  9. thoughtful as always Jon thank you

  10. …many implications for newly-found freedom here…