25 things

I never do memes. I don’t know how to pronounce the word or how to explain it in non-technical metaphors. Unless, of course, a meme is like playing idea tag, where you have to answer a question before you can tag someone else. Or it’s like an ice breaker at a party (which I don’t like).

That said, both jenhames and chris brogan tagged me and so I will write. My version, however is to make five lists of five things.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

  • going to soccer games for an 11-year-old son who still wanted to be a professional soccer player. (Now he is a writer. About sports).
  • learning how to be 40. (never figured it out. Gave up after 10 years.)
  • dealing with a daughter in second grade. (actually, she was dealing with second grade. She spent the next 6 years dealing with school. And then she got to high school and figured it all out.)
  • helping figure out how to keep college students in college. (I gave up.)
  • having no clue that I would be a pastor now. (Nope. No idea at all.)

5 snacks I like:

  • orange slice candy
  • honeycrisp apples
  • corn dogs
  • peanuts
  • coffee (Hey. It’s a snack. and a food group.)

5 places I’ve lived

  • New Hope, MN (went to the same elementary school as Rick Mahn).
  • Carol Stream, IL
  • Austin, TX (1982-85, UT-Austin)
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Goshen, IN

5 jobs I’ve had

  • hauling the garbage at a camp (camp closed)
  • operating an IBM 370/125 mainframe computer (1974-1980) (Yep. I was in IT before it was called IT) (organization closed)
  • production helper for marketing department at company that made gravity-flow racks for coolers in convenience stores. (Company closed)
  • college professor (College was acquired. Now it’s closing)
  • late-night program host at college radio station (students don’t run it anymore)

5 updates on posts I’ve written

  • Hope got her license and is now driving.
  • I finished the deck.
  • I finished the bondo-ing the car. Rust hasn’t showed up yet.
  • I haven’t lost any weight
  • I’m still not good at managing my time (but I’ve talk a lot with Chris since this post.

Okay. Time to pass on the tag: Paul Merrill? Five pictures. Rick Mahn? Five happiness reasons. Rob Hatch? Five of anything. Amy? Five family stories. Jim Hughes? Five things about visiting people in the hospital for non-hospital people.

Thank you for playing.


13 responses to “25 things

  1. Five family stories coming up! The first one is posted.

  2. i knew i could count on you!

  3. Five things about visiting people in the hospital for non-hospital people has been posted! http://difficultseasons.com/2008/11/17/5-things-about-visiting-the-hospital-for-non-hospital-people/

  4. this is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Go see the simplicity of what Jim
    wrote. Single best phrase? *”You’re entering what small bit of privacy the
    patient has left…”*

  5. Thanks, Jon. And here is a response to my tag: About one of our favorite subject, COFFEE! http://blog.jeremey.com/jeremeys_weblog/2008/11/five-characteristics-of-good-coffee.html

  6. Thanks for the tag, Jon!

    I am planning to post 5 photos – maybe this evening, when I get a chance to catch my breath.

  7. Jon – thanks for tagging me! 🙂 I’ll get a post up by this evening. Really liked the 5×5 approach you took to the 5 things meme.

  8. Thanks, Jon.

    I finished the post. It will be up first thing in the morning!

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  10. I like this post a lot. It’s nice to feel like i know you a little better.

  11. The things you were doing 10 years ago make me wonder what i’ll be doing 10 years from now!!

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  12. Thanks for the link. I really do enjoy reading your blog – I consider it the reflective time of my day. Life seems to move by so fast, and I appreciate that your words give me reason to pause and think about the slower (and often most important) things.