8 ways to explain 2.0 friend to 0.0 family

(This is a reprint from November 24, 2007. I’m including it now to give more time to get ready for these conversations than you had last Thanksgiving.)

Many of us spent time with family this weekend. I’m sure that many of us had the odd experience of wanting to repeat something that one of our friends said…and then having to figure out how to explain twitter or blogging or the internet.

1. It’s like the party line phone you had growing up, where you could listen into to calls that came to other people. Only now you don’t have to pretend you never heard.

2. You know how you like to shout at the television? With 2.0, @newmediajim can hear you.

3.  Remember the friends you had over every Sunday evening after church for coffee? It’s like that. I just can’t see them…and they fix their own coffee.

4.  Remember how you used to walk down the street and say hi to people along the street? That’s what I do when I turn on my computer.

5. When I was 8, Grandma Larson gave me a journal. I wrote in it once. Now I can write every day.

6. When you were in college, you got to know some people. For the next forty years, you did a round-robin letter. You wrote a letter, sent it to the next person, who added hers and forward it to the next person., who did the same. When it made it around all 6 people, you took your letter out and wrote a new one. We do that every day or week or hour.

7. Sometimes you get tired of the TV channels you have (“There’s nothing good on tonight.”) I help make my own content to watch.

8. Oh, it’s just someone I met at work.


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4 responses to “8 ways to explain 2.0 friend to 0.0 family

  1. How absolutely perfect. Great real life examples to help people understand 2.0. And when all else fails, #8 is perfect. Made me laugh!

    Hey, maybe a #9 – I met through a friend…as in, I met you through the friend (Brogan). Then I don’t have to explain how I met Brogan 2.0. 🙂

  2. I love this list – good for a laugh as well! I just had a similar conversation with my 82-year old grandfather a few weeks ago… I have been working part-time for a newspaper and part-time in new media/Internet publishing/social media marketing. My grandfather was asking about a new media project I am working on. I am sure I don’t need to elaborate on how that conversation went! I finally just explained that it was a job that did not exist two years ago and probably won’t exist two years from now either. That seemed to work…

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