what would you do?

For a break, I mean.

If you knew you could get a break in an hour, what could you get done?

If you knew you could take half an hour to work and then the project would be done, could you spend that 30 minutes?

If you knew that the fender project could be finished in 10 hours and then it would be over, could you find the ten hours?

If you knew that the only thing between you and a 10 minute project is 3 hours of worry, can you let go of the worry?

If you know that the work will still be there on Monday, but you might be better at it if you take a day off, can you just, you know, take the day off?

If you knew that finding the last sentence to the post quickly means that you can go to bed, could you quit browsing and write that sentence?


One response to “what would you do?

  1. Very good questions, Jon — very good for getting past our worries AND Parkinson’s Law.