Daily Archives: November 5, 2008

how to get there

I played a significant role in the election yesterday.

I made coffee.

Our building housed a polling place for two precincts. We provided coffee for the poll workers. I made most of it.

I didn’t, however, feel like being there at 5:00am. I wrote out directions.

1. I identified quantity.(4 scoops)

2. I identified process. (Pour the water in.)

3. I identified errors. (Don’t forget the carafe.)

It was a quick set of instructions, designed not so much for eternity but for one day.

Too often I forget to leave instructions. Too often I worry about every detail.Too often I don’t anticipate. But it was a simple and effective process to help people stay awake for an hour or two.

What is the simplest way you can describe the next thing that you want someone else to be able to do, knowing that something is better than nothing?