assuming the worst

I was getting ready to work on the house today. A little painting around the windows, but it still counts.

Yesterday I stripped the paint off the window frame. Last night we got primer. Today I was going to paint.

I decided that the bare wood would make a great picture. I took my phone and went to shoot. I turned on picture mode, got the shot lined up as well as I could. It was hard because the sun was so bright, the screen wasn’t showing the image very well.

I even took the picture on faith (I’m pretty good at the strange angle shots). As I was turning the screen, squinting, trying to shade it, it occurred to me that I may not have opened the lens cover.

Amazingly enough, with the cover open, I could see just fine.

But I uploaded this picture to flickr anyway.

I have a funny feeling that we do lots of things assuming that we are competent and others are conspiring against us.

The sun, as nice as it is to have around, is quite annoying and self-centered. It has a tendency to overwhelm everything. If it wouldn’t be so…bright….I could see just fine.

And the phone. If the screen were brighter, it would show what I want to see when I want to see it, life would be so much easier. And for it to show what I see as black, that clearly has to be the fault of the phone or something.

It isn’t possible, of course that there is something wrong with me. That I am so used to assuming that I am right, or that everyone is right, that I couldn’t be wrong.

But I was.

And will be. As long as I assume the worst. Of everyone else.


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