Sunday night

I’m not sure the last time I was home on a Sunday evening that wasn’t a holiday. It’s an odd feeling. Maybe you are feeling the same way, wondering exactly what to do tonight.

This post is to help. (And to give me something constructive to do.)

1. You can just laugh. Sometimes signs need punctuation. The blend of flavors in this swirl is just scary.

2. Our son Andrew is a freelance reporter for the prep football games for the local evening paper. He is actually making more money in the media than I am.

3. Spend an hour tonight or tomorrow morning focusing on whatever it is that is keeping you stuck right now.

4. Write down a training project you could do that would save you time later. Mine? Helping people building powerpoint presentations learn how to compress the pictures they include. Today I had to deal with a 20M show and a 50M show.

5. Liz talks about a guy who is stuck on who he is. Don’t be like him.

6. Laugh again.

This morning, our dog started barking. Being even older than I am, he seldom has enough energy to do this. I looked at the clock. 6:15. I walked down to see what the problem was and to think about getting started on the morning about 15 minutes earlier than planned. I went down, stopped the barking, and looked at the clock. 7:15. I need to leave for the church in 30 minutes.

While running around, I figured out what happened.

Our clock radio is fancy. It automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. We discovered this when the clock changed the first fall we had the clock. The problem was that Indiana DIDN’T have daylight savings time. I made it to church. Barely. From then on, I would change the date on the clock to avoid the problem.

Until this morning.

The clock hadn’t been notified by Congress of the change in DST.

I was only 15 minutes later than usual (which was 45 minutes before everything started.)

Of course, then I had to deal with number 4 above.

But I did get an extra 45 minutes of sleep this morning.


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