The extravagance of live

We sat at a choral concert tonight. Indiana University and Purdue University have a shared campus in Fort Wayne, IPFW. Andrew is a junior, but he wasn’t at the concert. Hope is a high school senior, but she’s taking a college class and so she was at the concert.

She’s taking a course called University Singers. She’s the one right in the middle of the picture, in the middle of the front row.

But this isn’t a Hope post. Or maybe it is.

I sat listening to amazing choral music. There are fifty singers. The choir rehearses 90 minutes a day, three days a week. The director has a doctorate in music. The composers, including Brahms and Pachelbel, crafted lyrics and harmonies and sounds.

About 200 of us were reminded of the extravagance of live. To experience these voices live, unrecorded, unprocessed, in real time, was amazing. We had to stop and listen. There was no replay. There is little record. We are stuck with our memories. All that time of preparation for something that evaporates.

But that’s almost every live interaction, conversation, conference. As much as we like the sessions, the posts, the books, we often say, “It was the people, it was the hallways, it was the conversations.”

We’re at a weekend, the opportunity for some of us to experience the extravagance of live. We will, some of us, be off the clock, be face to face. We will, some of us, have to absorb the richness of analog experience at parties and dinner tables and church services.

At some point, listen to that live. Enjoy it. Look for Hope in the front row of whatever you do this weekend.


The next of the next sentence will be here on Monday.

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2 responses to “The extravagance of live

  1. “Look for Hope in the front row of whatever you do this weekend.”….love it! And I will.