the cost of intellectual overhead

How complicated do your answers have to be? How many problems do they have to solve? How many features do the have to have? How much time does it take to create all the options? How much of an expert do you have to be? How many moves ahead do I have think? How much research is necessary? When does research become obsession? how many years of training do you need to become a trainer?

What if, instead of creating kitchen sink solutions, I just answered the question you are asking right this moment?


5 responses to “the cost of intellectual overhead

  1. It involves listening which is something we/I don’t always do.

  2. What if I just walk along with you and see what’s in your eyes and listen to what’s in your heart? (the helper’s question to the helped)

  3. Paul, you do listen well, however. Always is such a hard thing to do.

    I like the image of watching, Amy. It’s a great question.

    Both of you are talking about listening. Is that something that we just don’t do?

  4. I don’t think it’s so much that we don’t listen as much as we don’t know how to do it well. It’s hard to be silent and not add what we think are helpful bits when all someone needs is a ear to hear.

  5. Philip absolutely. In fact, that reminds me of the time…..

    oh wait.

    that’s what you mean.