help me with an experiment

Earlier this summer, I started using Mailchimp for an email newsletter. I have enjoyed the results, on a number of levels.

Recently they added the possibility of having posts show up as emails. I know that other services make this possible, but this seems particularly easy to use for you and for me.

But there’s only one way to find out. I need help trying it out.

Click here to sign up for this blog as an email. It should take you to a subscription form. Fill it out and you will start receiving my (almost) daily ports as an (almost) daily email in your box. Everything that I post by 4:00am will be sent as an enewsletter about 8:00am.

I’d love to offer you a real coffee every morning (or hot chocolate for Chuck), but I can’t. I will do my best, however, to give you something worth reading with your coffee.

So, can some of you help?

Click here to sign up for this blog as an email.


This is an opt-in and opt-out service. I will not use this list for anything other than this particular project. No other mailing. No Sunday offerings. No offers of free bowling trophies. On the other hand, if so many of you sign up that I have to start paying (more than 100), I’ll probably write to ask you to opt-out for a bit. Until I can afford to pay.


3 responses to “help me with an experiment

  1. Okay,I’ve signed up – do you then want us to let you know if it works… or help in some other way?

    PS If it’s okay with you, I’ll make mine a cup of tea 🙂

  2. ah. Thank you.
    For that question, a biscuit.

    Yes, in a day or two, let me know if it works, how it works, whether it works.

    In fact, i’ll ask you.

    And tea is perfectly fine. (Twinings?)

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