i knew I started writing this, I just never finished

There are lots of ways to say, “I love you.” Nancy often says it by doing things. Last spring, she said “I love you” to a few hundred people by making a few hundred cookies.

Yes, she gave them kisses. And bars. And filled cookies. And cake mix cookies.

Tonight I was looking through the card on my camera and found pictures of the kisses. I realized that although I had thought about writing, I hadn’t followed through.

Following through is another way of saying, “I love you.” It says to the person we are helping, that we are promising, that we are agreeing to help that we are willing to value their priorities and our word.

I hadn’t ever told Nancy that I would write, but what I know is that one of the ways that I say, “I love you” is by saying, “I love you.” I also write posts like this that tell her, and you, that she matters.

In a couple minutes, when I finish writing this, I’ll go sit on the sofa (or the couch) and rub her feet as we watch TV. Actually, she’ll fall asleep and I’ll watch. And keep rubbing her feet. Until I fall asleep, too. Then Hope will laugh at us.

Between now and next week, we’ll probably head to Kohl’s. It’s her birthday next week and we’ll get her gift. Together. It’s smarter that way, at least some of the time.

Why am I telling you all this? To brag?

Not really. Mostly, it’s because we all have lots of difference ways to say “I love you” and we all hear it differently and maybe someone needs to be reminded that we need to think about how our loved one needs to ‘hear’ it.

I mean, someone besides me.


5 responses to “i knew I started writing this, I just never finished

  1. thank you

  2. *swoon*

    i hit and miss with my “I love you”s
    i’d like to make more hits
    that’s why i picked up sacred marriage
    i figure if i study more about marriage
    i’ll hit more often

  3. n –
    thank YOU.

    k –
    think internship.

  4. Your family is blessed to have a husband/dad who really takes time to look and listen to discover what says “I love you.”

  5. Perhaps you guys should adopt the “I love You, though.” method.

    works for us 😉