Somehow, I did it. Somehow, I’m invisible. Apparently I get to decide when I become visible again.

There are days I wish this were possible.

There are hours when it is.

There are moments and breaks and hours and chunks and segments and pauses during the day when I can be invisible.

And be quiet.

And think.

And pray.

And not do any of those.

Not for weeks. (impossible and undesirable)

Not for days. (Improbable)

For moments.

And instead, here I am.

Here I am in choice time, in in-between time, making myself visible, wishing I weren’t.

So I won’t be.

(Visible that is).



4 responses to “invisible

  1. Would it be weird to say this kind of made me cry? Some days, I want to be very invisible.

  2. that’s when he wears the super hero invisible suit i made him.
    it’s pink
    but he thinks no one can see him in it

    it’s also lycra.

  3. ROFL