a small example of community building

The other day I got an email through my Facebook. It was from the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir. It was inviting me, as part of a group, to a concert this month. It was based on a press release. It was from our daughter.

That is barely worthy of a post. After all, I knew about the concert. My wife works for the choir.  What I didn’t know, however, is why Hope had sent the email.

Here’s what I found out.

She started the group because she figured that there should be a group. The children’s choir has about 300 singers from second grade to twelfth grade. A lot are on Facebook. It just made sense. (She was a junior in high school when she started it.)

Early on, the executive director of the organization found the group, wondered about it, found out that Hope had created it, and relaxed. Katey then asked for Hope’s email to include her on the list of people receiving press releases for events.

As a result, Hope provides updates to the group, currently over 90 people, when there are official events coming up.

So here’s the story: a children’s choir has an affinity group started by a member of the choir, who is included as a member of the social network media by the organization’s ED. It’s great initiative by a kid, great inclusion by the ED, a great surpirse to the kid’s family, and a great small example of how community emerges.


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  1. she is so blazing her own trail
    i’m a fan 🙂