8 ways software works for me

1. I show you my life, I illustrate posts, I annoy people with flickr.com

2. I understand what I am thinking, I talk with you, I keep a record with wordpress.com and Google Documents.

3. I find Bible references really quickly, I find patterns, I find different translations with biblegateway.com

4. I help leaders find resources, I help share their insights with each other, I learn to follow a schedule with mailchimp.com (thanks to Andy Sernovitz)

5. I show people how to do things that are on my computer screen with jingproject.com (Incredibly easy screen capture software)

6. I answer questions, I ask for help, I encourage, I am encouraged with gmail.com

7. I find out what people I care about are saying with Google Reader.

8. I stand around the water cooler with twitter.com

There are many other networks and platforms and packages that I am connected to and with. I try them, I play a bit, but I find myself coming back to these products to do these things.

What are you using? Not thinking about using, not testing, not interested in but actually using. And what are you using it for? Because that’s what matters.


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Thanks for reading this far down. I need help. I’m working on a new project, likely starting the first of the year. It will be blog-based. I’m thinking about two options. One is using wordpress.com but with my own new domain name. The other is to use wordpress.org and have it hosted somewhere else.

(Many of you can quit reading now. If you don’t understand what I just said, you can’t help).

There are advantages and disadvantages both ways. (Regular maintenance, flexibility, analytics are all in the mix). But here’s the deal. People talk about how easy each is. But they are talking from the perspective of themselves. I get all this stuff but I don’t have the mental energy to sort through even easy-for-you stuff.

If you are a person who thinks that what I just talked about is easy and would like to help me with the technical side of a project that will be more consistently like conversation at twelve,, let’s talk.


4 responses to “8 ways software works for me

  1. Software I use ever day is Photoshop. It’s expensive and complicated, but for the graphic design side of my job, it’s indispensable.

    A cheaper lay-persons’ version is Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can buy the newly-obsolete version for about $40 (Win) or $67 (Mac) or pre-order the new version (which I think is probably worth the difference) for $95. All prices are from Amazon.

  2. I agree with the value of elements. It’s reasonably powerful and accessible for people like me.

    I have GIMP at work, which is free and works well enough for occasional editing.

  3. I use Firefox Web Browser for all online stuff (playing with Google Chrome though). Gmail and Google Reader are also in daily use. Twitter is an semi-regular personal communication/marketing tool. Facebook is my newest software tool because half of my family already uses it – easy to stay connected with them. Gimp is the only graphics program I use. Documents are a toss up between OpenOffice and Google Docs – but Google Docs is winning… I guess that about sums up my most used software.

    I am also a “web guy”/web designer/consultant since about 1998. I have a fair bit of experience with WordPress (self-hosted) and would be glad to talk with you about WordPress options. Drop me an e-mail if you want. My website is at http://www.robertwitham.com. I have links there to some other sites I have developed recently using WordPress.

  4. Re: help with the technical side of a project

    I’d like to help. You know where to find me. 🙂