the cutting is done

A couple weekends ago, I started replacing the boards on our deck. I showed you a video. Some of you were afraid.

I finished the sawing part tonight.

We’re a long way from done. The deck requires somewhere around 950 screws. I have driven somewhere less than 400 so far.

As I was starting that process tonight, drilling pilot holes and putting in screws, I realized that I’m past the challenging part of the project and now into the difficult part.

The cutting is challenging. For a perfectionist, it is very frustrating to have edges that curve slightly, that are one-sixteenth of an inch off, that are not perfect. However, that part of the work is very rewarding. It shows great progress. A piece of real estate 19 feet wide by 16 feet deep is now completely changed.

It’s great.

However, all 950 screws have to installed.

Mark. Drill. Place screw. Drive.

And there are no gaps, no dangerous holes, no splinters. For the first time in a couple years, the deck is a safe place to walk.

But it isn’t done until the details are finished.

I will find plenty of excuses as the light fails and the weather gets cold. But somehow, I will get it done.

And you? You will hold me accountable.

As you look in the mirror.


5 responses to “the cutting is done

  1. i *despise* sewing the ends of the yarn in at the end of a project
    i crochet something and it’s done and i love it
    but there’s the yarn all dangling off of it
    and i want t just cut them off
    but you have to take each one and weave it into the final piece
    and it makes me angry to do it
    i feel irritated by it
    the boring part of the job
    that *has* to be done
    or everything that came before it is pointless and will get destroyed

  2. and that’s why the quilt i started 15 years ago is still waiting to be finished. the binding is boring, tedious work. it must be done before the girl turns 18. we’ll hold each other accountable.

  3. nancy- you should find someone in the church who will trade binding a quilt for delicious baked goods!

  4. Jon,

    Watching the previous U-Tube video has answered many long standing questions about Lowell’s ability (or lack thereof) to use power tools safely .. it simply runs in the family! Love You All – Ronda

  5. I was just reading through these comments. And I was thinking about that first one, about the irritation in the final details.

    I know that feeling. I get twitchy. I get scared. I want to do almost anything but finishing whatever the last steps are.

    I think it might be fear that when it’s done, it’s done. And i’ll be help responsible. Up to then, I can always change, always adjust, alway make it please someone. But when it’s done…