after hours

I sat waiting for pizza. It had just gone in the oven. It would be ready in 7 minutes.

So I sat on the couch.

I looked out the window. I took a picture. I realized that the hours were backwards. I realized that there were hours. I realized that the store wasn’t always open.

I realized that there was always a store here, where I was sitting. There was always an oven. There were always tables and chairs.

But for the good of me, the customer, there were hours. There are times when B Antonio’s isn’t open.

They need to clean. They need to rest. They need to build anticipation. They know that, while some of us eat cold pizza for breakfast, most of us don’t eat hot pizza so they don’t have to spend the money and energy keeping things open all the time.

Maybe I could learn something from a pizza place.


7 responses to “after hours

  1. Jon, great piece of reflection… if you’ll excuse the pun.

    Hope you manage to enjoy some time when you’re not open this weekend.

  2. Another good example of how everyone needs rest, or/and how time isn’t equally profitable. What I in my shallowness really want to know is how is the pizza? We have been saying we would go there to try it and have never made it yet.

  3. Thanks Joanna. I think I will close for awhile…though when my friends are in multiple time zones….

    Yes Scott, it’s good. We have some $5 coupons, I think, and if you stop by the church today there are three pieces still in the refrigerator.

  4. there was a tattoo shop in scotland that we’d frequent

    half the time we’d see the sign “Gone Fishing”

    what i loved is that he really *was* fishing
    if he woke up to the perfect fishing day
    he’d close the shop and go enjoy it
    he said for him
    there would be no point in working if it meant missing the reasons he wanted to be alive for in the first place.

    which is why he became a tattoo artist
    which is why he had the sign
    which is why no one minded

  5. wait a minute!
    your church has pizza??
    you’re so cool 🙂

  6. at least some of the staff eat together every thursday. just for fun. just for community.

    but b antonios, as good as it is, isn’t anything compared to a small flatbread pizza place in a small milltown in MA. although, maybe that’s not just the pizza.

    Maybe the perfect pizza is who you eat it with.

    and you know, i think i know that shop. permanent marks. drops of blood. gone fishing.

    except, sometimes, wasn’t he looking for sheep?

  7. Even if we love the work we do for a living, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we need to experience other things once in awhile.