8 ways to be productive with the next half hour

1. I’ll get some sleep as soon as I finish this post.

2. I wrote to Lowell, briefly, and a couple other people.

3. I still need to read the chapter, maybe in the morning.

4. I worked on the January project while driving this morning, realizing that it needs to start in December. I’ll tell you about it soon.

5. When I go to bed, i’ll probably take Psalm 4 with me.

6. Piles? What piles?

7. We walked through the “Oasis”, the four of us. That’s what they used to be called. Covered bridges, they span the tollroad in Illinois and house restaurants, restrooms and signs.

“Velcro available at gas station..”

We looked and laughed, all of us. Nancy and Andrew moved on. I pulled out my phone. Hope laughed. “I knew you would,”

I’m so predictable.

The sign? I don’t know what it means. My guess, because it was on a storefront at the oasis for EZ-Pass units, is that it is referring to the velcro for attaching the automatic toll-paying unit to the windshield.

8. A list? As a previous boss who spend time as a school principal used to say, “Your plan for the day evaporates when you get out of the car in the parking lot.”

She was right.

Thanks for playing.

Good night, everybody.


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