8 ways I could have been productive with the last half hour

1. I could have slept.

2. I could have written a couple emails to Lowell and others.

3. I could have read a chapter in a book I need to review.

4. I could have picked a name for a new blog project I want to start in January.

5. I could have meditated on one chapter from the book of psalms (111, more precisely).

6. I could have sorted out one of these piles.

7. I could have written a compelling post about the velcro sign.

8. I could have clarified my task list for the day.

In fact, I spent thirty minutes wandering, and all I got was this lousy post.

Unless, of course, it changes how I approach the next 30 minutes.

What’s in your next 30 minutes?


7 responses to “8 ways I could have been productive with the last half hour

  1. i’ll sit here and wish i was at that gas station
    the project i need to finish has run out of the needed velcro

    just the luck!

  2. It’s at a service plaza along the Illinois Tollroad. I’m sure they’d send you some!

  3. Interestingly enough, I have 30 minutes. I checked Twitter and ended up here. Thanks for the reminder to check this list laying open to my right.

  4. I look forward to the follow up post on what happened in the next 30 minutes 🙂

  5. um, joanna, i got ready for work and to take hope to school.

    I have, however, written to lowell, and have worked on the new project, and run a meeting and worked on….

    But I still need to talk about the velcro.

  6. i’m still sitting here thinking about the velcro

  7. When I think of Velcro, the only thing that comes to mind is a cartoon character Gabe came up with (and wrote and illustrated a little book about)years ago–Velcro Man! But that is a very intriguing sign…