how dare you

I listened to Seth Godin talking to leaders of nonprofits this week. It was a conference call, made available through Take the time to listen to it.

I’m still wrestling with the implications of his closing comment.

“How dare you take all your time and your effort and your energy and the good work that has come before, and settle for just good enough stuff because your executive director is a twit. How dare you build a mediocre website or continue with this mailing approach because it’s what you’ve always done when so much hard work, by you and others, so much good work remains to be done. I think each of us has an obligation to get uncomfortable, to push to the edges, and to do stuff worth talking about because we’ve come so far that it would be a sin to stop right now.”

Seth Godin

Download the audio here.

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One response to “how dare you

  1. On the first take, I’d have to agree with Seth’s opinion. This year, I’ve worked for a company where the executive director is a twit, not being able to consistently provide direction and common sense to company projects. Another company has for 7 years done mailings and had a company mantra of “that’s the way we’ve always done it” instead of as Seth says get uncomfortable. Instead of thinking outside the box and innovating, the company has over the years, become and actively moved to look like everyone else in the industry. A third company is not thinking ahead in it’s offering of digital media, and not providing basic hardware additions to their product that would set them apart from the rest of the market place.