distributed family

distributed family

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We’re all home tonight, all within 15 feet of each other. Andrew, the monitor on the left, is ready for a fantasy football draft. He’s using my laptop instead of his iMac so he can be close. Hope, straight ahead, is writing a message on facebook to her choir director. Nancy, out of view to the left, is writing to a friend. Kate Snow, on the television, is just visiting. And me? I’m writing.

Upstairs is fresh apple crisp. And coffee. And we’re talking to each other while we’re talking to you.

I think we’re okay.


5 responses to “distributed family

  1. hahah
    i read it as disturbed family

  2. well, there are those who would agree.

  3. mmmm… apple crisp.
    mmmm… close encounters of the disturbed family.

  4. what about a disturbed apple crisp?
    i’d like a close encounter with the apple crisp myself.

  5. [wiping his lips] sorry, it’s gone Kat. But it was wonderful. Only thing better would have been serving it in a cup. Cup o crisp.