Disciple in fifteen words

I need your help. I need your fifteen word description, definition, summary, processing of, reaction to the word “disciple”. Don’t look it up. Don’t decide that your answer is silly. Don’t think it needs to be spiritual. Don’t try to second-guess me.

I just need to know what that word means in people’s heads.

Can you help me?

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17 responses to “Disciple in fifteen words

  1. Disciple: One who learns by watching and listening, then does by following the master teacher’s example

  2. A disciple is someone’s student or apprentice.

  3. In the Christian sense …

    A disciple is one who believes Jesus and believes like Jesus.

    Wish I could take credit for that, but it comes from David Augsburger in Dissident Discipleship.

    Before reading that, my working definition was ‘One who is learning to trust and follow Jesus.’

    Key words: learning, trust, follow.

  4. In a discipleship class I’m in right now, our priest defined disciple as a learner accompanied by endeavor—a follower who learns and acts upon what s/he learns.

  5. When I read disciple I am struck by the similarity to the word discipline. Discipline I would define (loosely) as the ability to apply oneself in a focused way, or a consistent manner. This makes me think that perhaps a disciple is more than just a follower or student of someone (or something) but that there is a relationship between the disciple and leader/teacher – that the disciple has focused connection to the teacher and that what the teacher teaches disciplines the disciple. Can one be a disciple without a corresponding connection back from that which they are following?

    (And that is way more than 15 words. Perhaps this is an undisciplined comment.)

  6. Working to become like another person, in outlook, attitude and action.

  7. I feel like i’ve been rude…asking a question and then walking away. However, this has been great.

    Are these thread that are true?

    .that is recognized both ways
    .but one is clearly the learner and the other learned from
    .involving intention, attitude, and application

    I loves Goldie’s phrase: “what the teacher teaches disciplines the disciple”

    Let’s keep going.

  8. A personal relationship with a superior in which you are committed to be like them.

  9. -he seems like a good leader, i’ll stick around a bit

    -i get to tell people how to do things

    -i worship this chick and want her to like me

    -i want to support the teachings of this so i’ll become part of it

    -i’m lost and these folks found me. I’ll do what they need me to do

    -i can help!

    -i’m a conformist

    -i do what someone tells me to do

    -i’m a good loyal friend

    -i have faith that what i am doing matters

    without thought and off the tip of my keyboard that’s what i imagined them saying/thinking

  10. Shoot, I read the first one and now can’t think of my own. I like that first one.

    Disciple: a person who has made a conscious decision to follow another’s leadings

  11. you all have been wonderful and thoughtful and brief and profound. thank you.

  12. Rcognizing their own imperfections, one who follows by faith.

  13. word associations that spring to mind
    * mission
    * active
    * transform/transformation
    * learn
    * serve
    * intention

  14. Disciple – A servant leader

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  16. Disciple: One who attempts to emulate another in hopes of gaining or appearing to have wisdom.

  17. Witness to the Resurrected Jesus Christ! Seen the Risen King, Stood in his Presence! Yes!