8 ways to waste the rest of summer vacation

Kids are headed back to school soon. Around here, the first schools started today (but most wait until next Monday). So there isn’t much time left to waste. But here’s how you can make the worst of it.

1. Get into an argument.

2. Be paralyzed by your fear that you are a terrible parent.

3. Let your kids watch the Olympics while you do important work on your blog. (Oh wait. That’s what I’m doing right now).

4. Ignore your 21-year-old when he wants you to go along to buy a bicycle at Target. (Almost did this tonight. When I asked him why he wanted me to go along, “um, we can spend some time together.” Duh.)

5. Don’t even think about playing Scrabble. The real kind. On a board.

6. Forget about that Hawaiian shaved ice that you always get every summer.

7. Count the minutes until the kids go back. Hey. Be wild. Count the seconds.

8. Make sure you decide that minutes aren’t worth spending and that you might as well just try better next year.


6 responses to “8 ways to waste the rest of summer vacation

  1. mmmm… for me it’s complain about the rain (12 out of last 14 days) and stomp your feet crying “it’s not summer if we’re not at the beach.”

    Because that’s what I’ve been good at lately.

    We’ve got until the 26th here. Plenty of time to waste.

  2. Meg, if you’ve had that much rain, you must have your own beach in your own back yard :-).

  3. Haha, just visiting but I loved this post. I am a 22-year-old college student and I can easily interpret and sympathize with your own 21-year-old’s request =).

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  4. Does anyone like to ski or snowboard in southern california?

  5. N.Palmer thanks for stopping by!

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