choralfest 2008

This video is up for two reasons.

First, the concert. Choralfest takes 180 kids in four choirs and teaches them a concert worth of material in four and a half days. This video shows a glimpse of the reactions of kids and directors to the week.

Second, the video. At 4:45 pm on Friday, we got a Flip camera in the mail. At 6:30, we had to be at the Foellinger Theater for the concert. So we took the camera.

The camera people were Hope, Nancy, Andrew, and Jon Swanson. Editing was done using Windows Movie Maker. This 4-minute video was edited down from 45 minutes of footage.


Download File


11 responses to “choralfest 2008

  1. wow
    that was amazing!
    everything is so well done and put together

    Hope is great in front of the camera
    she has the perfect voice for it
    and the perfect face for it

    excellent work!!

  2. AWESOME!!!

  3. thanks, kat. It was a fun project. and hope kind of shrugged when i told her…but with a smile.

    Thanks, Fred. You did great!

  4. i came to your site
    harold starts saying
    “hope! hope! hope ?!”
    so i asked if he wanted to watch the video again
    i guess he’s a fan as well
    he’s seen it 3 times 🙂

  5. catching up with you a bit here, I appreciate that we both have choral daughters, and this little video was just darling – your hope is a natural in front of the camera. That choral director is very enigmatic, most of all the kids enthusiasm was fabulous – kids singing, I love it

  6. This is an amazing video. I would love to put it on the FWCC website. It is a perfect representation of what we do!

  7. Kat – that got her to smile.
    Karen – thanks for stopping by. welcome back! your daughter is a senior, too, right?
    actually, he did pretty well for having no warning and getting a camera in his face early in the concert!
    Katey – sounds good to me!

  8. hahah
    even better
    this morning the first thing he wanted to watch?
    You guessed it!
    “Hope!! HI Hope!! then he sang along to the songs.

  9. Looks like an inspiring thing to be part of. I’m with Harold.

  10. It was a great week, and I’m glad Harold is getting so much enjoyment out of the video. One of the choirs did a song from Nfl! Rehearsals begin in 2 weeks; come join us!

  11. Thannks Jon – feels good to be back – it’s warm here.

    we both have senior daughters yes, kate earned a gospel solo this year at camp and also sang with a select chamber choir beethoven’s 9th ( ode to joy ) with a german conductor and adult german guest choir – i don’t say this to boast, it’s to say I am blown away by what our youth do

    were doing college applications next week – yikes !!