Do I want to be where I am

Alltop, all the top stories I was minding my own business yesterday.

Literally. I was looking at traffic to this blog, which is as close to a business as I have.

In the list of places that people were visiting from was I followed the link back and discovered that The Levite Chronicles is among the blogs that are available through the modern church link at

This is a collection of the latest posts from, until yesterday, top blogs in various subject areas. It’s a place to find out what is being written by thoughtful people without having to search the whole internet. Someone else is searching for you.

I like the concept though, true confession time, I haven’t been there much. I have my circle of reading and tend to not do a lot of general browsing. For people who are looking for blog insight, it’s a wonderful tool.

But, as flattered as I was to be listed, I was troubled. I haven’t tended to identify myself with church-related blogging networks. I have harbored the delusion that I wasn’t trying to do church here. All I was trying to do was find out if I could talk in real language about a real God. Knowing that lots of us have been confused by church, I’ve been trying to understand what faith and prayer and relationship with God might actually be. (And, of course, talking about technology and relationship and unproductivity and whatever else comes to mind on any given day).

I suppose, however, that what I’ve been doing actually does belong in a category called modern church (though some people would prefer “post-modern church”). I’m willing to acknowledge that I actually am a pastor, that I am part of a particular gathering of people popularly known as Christians who have been meeting for more than 100 years. I’m willing to be found through that category…as long as I can keep exploring what it means.

And as long as you keep asking for chocolate milk and letting me come to parties.


6 responses to “Do I want to be where I am

  1. Well I think it can only be a good thing if more people find, enjoy and have their minds stoked up by reading your stuff.


  2. thank you, joanna. Thanks for the support.

  3. i always consider your place somewhere to go that’s safe and inviting
    i’m not sure i’d follow Jon the church man’s blog
    there’s no dogma here
    and so i feel i can understand and contribute to a life with God

  4. That’s what I’m trying to do, to sit on the sofa or at the table and have a conversation. (And, of course, just like those places, I do most of the talking here.) And I’m always glad when you stop by and chat.

    And, everyone, I’m always open to questions. (Okay, almost always)

  5. It may be that your style and language of communication will serve as a catalyst and role model for others who struggle to break out of “churchese” when sharing truth.

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