Work shoes

(I’m on vacation for a few days this week. If I were good, I would have scheduled some posts to run automatically. However, I’m not that thoughtful. As a result, I’m doing some fresh writing.)

Tonight we went to the “American Organist Idol Competition.” Five organists each played 5-10 minutes of music. The audience voted on which one was best by the volume of applause.

Two of our friends tied for winner. (Don’t ask about what they are wearing.)

While I was watching the congratulations, I sat down. I looked at the bag under the front row, a bag like a someone would carry tools in. I realized that it was full of tools.

There were stacks of music. There were other things. And there were shoes.

They were shoes full of holes, leather shoes worn well past the time that such shoes should be kept. They look as though they have traveled many miles. And they have. But they have traveled those miles while the wearer was sitting down. They have traveled those miles without taking a step. They have traveled those miles moving side to side on pedals spread across about 48 inches.

When you wonder why a musician sounds so amazing, when you think music comes easily, when you think, “I could do that”, remember these shoes. This is what it costs to sound effortless.


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