Sometimes I feel trapped in the old joke. “Enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?” But for today, deal with it.

This week was my birthday. Rather than hiding, I decided to plunge right into the celebration. And it was fun. As far as I can tell, the Salvation Army got a bunch of clothes, a number of people held the hands of a number of other people, and other lives were touched. By you.

So thanks for being part of the celebration.

Friends who wrote about me.

Four friends joined in by writing about the party. I thought you might want to go visit them.

  • I met Rick Mahn face to face at SOBcon this year. As we talked, we found out that we attended the same elementary school in New Hope, MN, (albeit several years apart). Happy Birthday Jon
  • I haven’t met Cheryl Smith yet, but we have talked about faith and websites. Birthdays, Blessings and Twitter
  • I haven’t met Michelle/@chelpixie yet either, face to face. However, I’m having a delightful time meeting her. 8 ways Jon Swanson influences me.
  • And Rob, dear Rob, is keeping a cup of coffee warm for me on the kitchen table. For Jon.

Thank you to all of my friends who stopped by in various ways. I am grateful and humbled by your comments and greetings and love. And I look forward to at least part of the next 50 years.

Other places I wrote

I also did some writing at other blogs this week. I had a dream at one point about writing fifty posts on fifty blogs in celebration of fifty years. That dream lasted roughly 24 hours. Wisely. However, I do have the privilege to write other places in a far more limited way.

Here are this week’s posts.

Dear Karen by Jon Swanson – I met Karen at SOBcon, too. She writes about wellness and health and life at It was fun to visit there this week.

Late Arrival – I usually write about being a dad on This week I wrote about being a son.

They are coming – So instead, I wrote about kids at I’m increasingly aware of the challenges of GenY. Not bad challenges, mind you. But they aren’t kids anymore. They are the workforce, the culture, the church, the neighbors. It’s time to pay attention.

And finally, just because I’m a dad, here’s Andrew’s first article in a city newspaper.

I’ll be on vacation most of next week. I’ll show up here occasionally though.

And thanks again. For everything. I have great friends.

Photo: a number of those friends sent me fifty balloons. You know who you are. Thanks.


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  1. Quite the past week for you Jon, appreciate the me mention in the it’s all about you post. When I turn 50 I plan to be viewing the countryside of Italy – a lifelong wish that looks like I am going to have to create by myself — which is actually OK by me. Everyone I have ever met who’s 50 or older has imparted wisdom in some way. You too are one of those. Travel safe and enjoy your vacation.