the little pieces of life

There are, I’m guessing, in any given home a thousand little projects. The tripod came apart. A window screen slipped on one side. A dresser top is cluttered. There is no list of passwords and accounts. A light fixture is missing a nut. A couple things need to go on the wall. A picture needs to go into a frame. A computer has a flashing yellow light.

Those are some of the projects that I ended up looking at on Friday. Each project takes minutes rather than hours. Each project is simple. All together, they seem to be a waste of time.


They are such small things. Even if they are all crossed off the list, they are maintenance, repair, troubleshooting. They aren’t about vision.

And yet. The list of passwords will save someone else incredible amounts of time if I’m not available. The tripod is missing a nut and useless. With a nut found in a junk drawer the tripod makes pictures available. The blinking computer light represents a book author not having access to his files.

Make a list of the little things that need to be done. Do some of them.

You may give yourself some freedom. You may give a family member something they need. You may allow people around the world to see things they have never known.

All because you found a nut in the junk drawer.

What one little thing are you going to do today-one little piece of a project? Now, what’s the next one?


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