8 ways liz strauss tells a story.

jon liz annIt’s Liz Strauss’ birthday today, July 3.  Liz changes the world for lots of people. Including me.

Here are 8 ways:

1. Liz tells it. Liz is constantly telling. Posts. Comments. Conferences. Tweets. Emails. DMs. Not words out of place, not words out of thoughtlessness. But she is willing to shape the world by talking.

2. Liz tells it like it was. Her dad built a community. Her dad kept a saloon. This story shapes her community, inviting us in, reflecting the love she knew.

3. Liz tells it like it isn’t (yet) She calls a bunch of us successful and outstanding bloggers. Truth is, we aren’t. At least not when she first points to us. At least some of us. There are millions of bloggers. Many of them have incredible numbers of views, of revenue, of links. Much more success than many of her SOBs. However, more than she realizes, her naming us is part of moving us to success, perhaps not in any of those measures, but in adding value. To life.

4. Liz tells it like it could be. She offers an idea and then suggests how that idea could play out. Like the wisdom of crowds. She reminds us that it’s about people, about listening to people. It could be chaos, crowds. It could be mobs. But Liz reminds us how to keep it wise.

5. Liz tells it like is should be. Every Tuesday night, she invites people to an open comments night, a place to come and talk. As anyone who has been there will tell you, “The rules are simple – be nice.”

6. Liz tells it like it like it is in the mirror. If you read her blog, you are occasionally stunned by her willingness to say, “I messed up.”  Sometimes I want to argue with her. But usually I’m grateful for her modeling of the reflective authenticity she invites the rest of us to consider.

7. Liz tells it like it we want it to be. We want to deal well with difficult people. We face them all the time. But we don’t know where to start (or don’t want to remember.). So Liz, she gives us that starting point. Simple and clear.

8. Liz invites us to tell it. All the time. She is inviting us to tell, to talk, to be. She points to a street called Hope and invites to walk along it and then tell her what we see.

At least, that’s what I think.

What do you think?


7 responses to “8 ways liz strauss tells a story.

  1. Oh Jon, Thank you for celebrating my birthday in tis way. It means so much.

    I value you so.

  2. You are welcome.

    (That’s a phrase you live!)

  3. I think your post is a very nice birthday card. Happy birthday to Liz!

  4. Thanks Amy. I’m thinking the two of you could have an interesting conversation about stories and metaphors and books.

  5. Liz also tells us like it is somewhere else. She has experiences from all over, and her perspective is frequently influenced by that global insight.

  6. That’s a great insight Becky. You are right.

  7. Jon, you’ve really captured who Liz is. She’s a great storyteller, and I really enjoy that.