8 (little) ways to do something big

flowerWe’ve got a long weekend coming up (at least in the U.S.) We want to rest, to celebrate. But we are driven enough (and if you are reading this, you have a sense of drive) to do something productive, to make some kind of difference.

Try one of these.

1. Teach a kid how to tie her shoes.

2. Wash the inside of your windshield.

3. Sign your name to something. (a card, a letter, a “New Half Year” list of resolutions, a revolution)

4. Put your arm around someone while watching fireworks. (Make sure you’ve met)

5. Fix a meal for someone who can’t (grilling counts.)

6. Donate $5 to the frozen pea fund (or blood).

7. Spend 10 hours intentionally offline. (even if there IS wifi available).

8. Read one chapter of something to someone. (Here’s a fresh take on a somewhat familiar chapter if you don’t have anything)


For more 8 ways, see the 8 ways page


8 responses to “8 (little) ways to do something big

  1. 3- good thought reanalyze yearly goals. I’m all for this after hearing Julien talk about goals at PAB. Remind me to link you to that video if you haven’t seen it already.

    4- hehe. Love the note.

    5- I’m encouraging donations to second harvest since I can’t cook. Really.

    6- yes! Will donate this weekend! Can promise blood but will always support the FPF.

    7- this is definitely supposed to happen this weekend. I’ve been encouraged to go on a real vacation.

  2. Truly inspiring Jon! Nice links as well. I love Susan’s ability to personalize her story, and your inclusion of Peterson’s “The Message,” as it tells the story in a way many would otherwise miss.

    You have a gift my friend!

  3. Yeah!

    haven’t seen the video. Second Harvest is great. And I haven’t given blood since the second time I passed out afterwards and the nurse said, “let others do it.”

    So I’m encouraging others.

  4. Thanks, Cheryl. You too.

  5. Jon, thanks for calling attention to our blood drive and the Frozen Pea Fund. I can’t donate either (health issues) but like you I can encourage others to do so. I’ve been inspired by a couple of people I know who have reached the 10-gallon mark as blood donors. They just keep giving the gift of life without calling attention to themselves. Heroes, in my book.

  6. Thanks Connie. 10 gallons is amazing, a pint at a time.

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