She sat down in front of me.

While kids were dancing, she sat down in front of me. Her head took up approximately the same space as 3 dancing four-year-olds. I believe they kept dancing, though I could no longer see. Not that four-year-olds dance that much. They had crowns and long dresses, the kind that are big and hoopskirt like. I’m not sure, however, what they did because it was hard to see around her head.

I know that I could have leaned over. But there were people behind me. Given my hat size, I would have take up approximately the space of 4 dancing three-year-olds. Between us, we would have completely blocked the stage for several rows.

And then I think about the times that my head, longing to be right, dropping into the middle of a conversation, walking into the middle of a youngster’s performance, has blocked the view. In my own desire to show up, I am completely insensitive to the lives around.



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