Try something new.

program notesI don’t have much trouble writing posts. I just make them up, after all. However, there are times that I suddenly have a backlog of posts.

It’s happened more than once this summer. I’ll make a list of 4-5 posts that I want to write. The topics are clear and the post theme is fairly clear in my brain.

As I thought about those times, I realized that they all have something in common: unique experiences.

Nancy and I traveled together over Memorial Day weekend. On the plane ride home I scribbled five posts. You’ve read them already.

A couple weeks ago I had some time waiting for Hope. I decided to sit in the car rather than driving somewhere. I discovered that there was no wifi. I wrote the beginnings of four posts.

Over the weekend I went to a dance recital. The picture shows the notes in the program for four posts…including this one.

My life isn’t full of novel events. I am pretty consistent, pretty low key. And that’s fine. But I’m thinking that occasionally, from time to time, I need to live. Not just for posts. They are the seismographic traces of learning happening.

Just to live.

Happy new week.


2 responses to “Try something new.

  1. speaking of making up posts Jon, I sure hope your still up for guest authoring over at Best of Mother Earth. You mentioned July 11th, yet I am leaving the 5th – through the 10th – sure would appreciate having your post in que before I go. Any chance you might have something you could do that this week?

  2. Exactly! Beautifully said: “seismographic traces of learning happening”! That is one of the main reasons I don’t have a blog myself. I’m sure Id feel burdened by the expectations of the potential readers to post regularly while I was simply living my life and learning from it.