I show up other places.

In addition to writing here at Levite Chronicles, a couple of other blogs have graciously allowed me to contribute.

This week’s offerings:

At, I’m in a personal series about affirming words. This week I looked at the power of telling parents about their children, particularly about the success of their children when away from their parents.

Lady, Your Kid Rocks.

Also, in case you missed it, last week I talked about the importance of thanking the people who care well for your children, whatever their ages.

Who Cares for Mine, I Love

At, I’m trying to figure out a series. This week, I wrote about the Olympics. More accurately, I wondered whether I do anything as devotedly as the athletes are doing their events.

As much as they do

I also wrote there a couple weeks ago about the problem with “just”, as in “I’m just a ….”

More than just another small business

Here at Levite, I gathered the links to my “8 ways” series onto a page of their own. As this is a series that will be continuing, I thought it would be more helpful than listing them all everytime I wrote a new one.


Thanks for all the visits this week. Have a great weekend.


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  1. definitely exciting summer reading…