looking back – pass it on

(First published May 31, 2007)

Today Chris was talking about the importance of teaching, of taking what we know and passing it on. His point is affirming and challenging and frustrating to me. At times I hear my response to that point: “I don’t know much. No one needs what I know. I don’t have the time.” In fact, as Nancy and I were walking last night (keeping a purpose set in December), we were talking about our neighbor who has done quite well as an academic author and I said, “I don’t know anything that well.”

However, the more I thought, the more I realized that I better pass on the advice I gave someone recently. This person, who has children and loves them and is loved by them, is having a difficult time praying. Somehow the words aren’t tracking right. Somehow it feels like the intention isn’t quite right or that God must be questioning how the praying is happening or maybe God is saying, “I gave you everything you need, what are you waiting for?” This is a person near the edge.

So I said “Spend the next few days listening to how your children talk to you and your spouse. Listen to what is requested. Listen to the talking for talking sake. Listen to inflection and urgency and desire to be with you and hear you and love you. And then talk to God the same way.”

We get so stuck in formality, in pleasing, in rituals that we forget completely that we are talking to Dad. At least that’s what I read.

I’m praying that it helps this person. And maybe you.


“Looking Back” is an opportunity to republish posts which have mattered to me. They may matter to you, too.

4 responses to “looking back – pass it on

  1. I know God has been trying to get through to me but I have been choosing not to listen. I even hesitated reading your blog because of the possibility of God-related subject matter. Just did not want to hear it, but I did stick with it.
    After I read this entry I had to wonder if I was brought here for a reason. I will choose to see a message in this. Don’t know what I will do with it, but message received.
    Thank you for this post.

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Steve. And I understand the hesitation about reading. I have that hesitation about writing. Every time I write here. You are welcome.

  3. Please take no offense at my comment. Where I am right now, spiritually, is the reason for my hesitation, not at all what you say or write. What you do is great. I just sometimes do not want to listen when I think God is talking to me.

  4. no offense at all.

    For me, I have to decide regularly about whether I want to listen as I write. And that is a challenge for me. I have to look in the mirror with words that show up here and say, “no really. You believe that? You are actually doing that?”