the basics: remixed

It’s a commodity. It’s so basic that we don’t even think about looking at the label. We know what’s in the bottle, we dump it on, we move up.

And then a chain decided to relabel the bottle.

It doesn’t make you use it any differently. But a ketchup bottle with a sense of humor makes us smile, makes us think that this place cares enough about the customer experience to consider the basics.

It makes me think about basics. Do I think about them? Do I pay attention to them? Do I look at even the smallest details and give them life?

While watching something recently, I heard the John Wooden story about meeting with his teams at the beginning of each season and saying, “This is a basketball.” Whether the story is true or not, there a place for starting with the basics and spending time on them, making them matter.

Today, for awhile, go back to whatever is at the core of your life, that thing which is now second nature and look at it. Let it recharge your weekend.

And tell us what happens.


3 responses to “the basics: remixed

  1. Back to the basics – something I like to do more often than I allow myself.

    Speaking of basics – how about fun… my 12yr. old is out in the yard having fun with a good old-fashioned squirtgun – just spraying anything that she wants to. It’s fun to see kids simply having fun.


  2. I think noticing the details is a factor of personality type. I don’t need a reminder to do that – but my wife does. (I need a reminder to look at the big picture!)

  3. so rick, did you go out and play?

    Paul, I agree. There are differences in what we see, what we attend to. But for me, for how I’m built, what are the basics, whether it;s big picture to details, or details to big picture.

    Too tired to be writing. I’ll look in the morning to see if this makes sense. 🙂