Just decide.

A bunch of people got together in this building, the Old South Meeting House. They decided. And then they did.

What they did, after many meetings across a couple months, is what we know as the Boston Tea Party.

In the last two days, I’ve understood the need to decide and act, in ways much smaller than throwing 342 trunks of tea into Boston Harbor, but important nonetheless.

Last night, as I was bouncing from twitter to flickr to email to RSS reader to twitter to….I realized that I was making no progress. I decided to spend the next 15 minutes writing instead.

It took an hour, but I ended up with one post each for two other places I am writing now (www.gnmparents.com and www.smallbizsurvival.com) Neither post was due for a couple days. In other words, I worked ahead on writing assignments because I decided to work.

Today I was working away from the office for the morning. At lunch, our whole staff met at Chipotle for lunch. I considering working away from the office for the afternoon. Then I realized that I had one thing that I absolutely needed to do today. It was more important than urgent, but there was an urgency to it as well.

I realized that I could actually decide to make getting that project done a priority. I could decide. My priority. But I also had to decide and arrange my schedule and follow through.

I am frustrated a bit as I write this, knowing that most people reading this are saying, “well duh.” I’m not sure how to capture the significance of of this.

Perhaps other than this:

My deciding to do things and adjusting my schedule to do them is the single biggest step to making sure they get done. And if I decide on one thing a day to finish, one letter, one set of thankyous, one powerpoint, one video, one book, one installation, one ____, in the course of a year I get 365 things done.

And that is a bunch of intentional movement.

It may even be revolutionary.


13 responses to “Just decide.

  1. Revolutionary.

    Jon, you just described my day-week-uh- life. A lot of the RSS/email/facebook/proposal/post writing/RSS/laundry (but just a little)/ figure out scanner/email/email/micro cleaning… etc. A whole lot of little without a lot to show for it.

    Now I am thinking of a plan for tomorrow.

    So thanks-

  2. oh, and of course mixed in among that is the whole raising the kids thing. So there’s that.

  3. and there are days that the raising the kids thing feels like a whole lot of little…

    However, for me anyway, there is more to show from the kid part than the browsing part. (ouch. I don’t like to admit that because I know which can be more comsuming.)

  4. Jon, I never read your stuff and think ‘well duh’. And I doubt anyone else does either.

    We need to remember and be reminded of the small but important things.

    That we decide on the shape of our days. We create our own realities. It might be hard to deal with that realisation sometimes… but it’s also the most liberating thought we’ve got.

    The power of intentional movement.

    You can remind me 365 days a year if you want. I’ll never say well duh.


  5. “The power of intentional movement” that’s wonderful, Joanna. Thank you.

    And although I would distinguish between Reality and realities, I agree completely that we form realities. And have far more influence in our our days are than I care to admit.

  6. I will share the last paragraph of your post at tomorrow’s school auction meeting. “….My deciding to do things and adjusting…” Wish I could share it on facebook-is there a way?


  7. thanks Katybeth. I don’t know about the facebook question. I’m ON facebook and my posts are part of my feed there on my page, but….

    anyone else know?

  8. Jon-
    Today is already so much better. And it’s only 10 am. Items are getting checked of at every turn. Left, right, left, you get the picture.

    Katybeth- you can send a funwall post, or even a group message, or just put it into your status field. If you add the link it will bring up the post.

    Thanks, Jon.

  9. I believe you would have been an asset in Boston–Thanks, Jon, for sharing this “revolutionary” thinking as a great “spur-on” in my day/week.

  10. with a 6:30 meeting, i’m still trying to get my brain to catch up. However: one chapter of new book read. package mailed. revised list of tasks that actually puts the one think that has to happen today at the top. If that gets done? i’m thrilled.

  11. Well. 12+ hours after the work day started, I got the one thing done that needed to get done. It’s an online newsletter to part of our leadership team. It was on my dream list for the month. And I got it done …mostly because I told you that I was working with this model.

    So maybe part of the process is…accountability?

  12. I do think it is a little bit about accountability. And a little bit about having manageable goals. But a lot about will power, too.

    btw, in response to katybeth’s request, you could add the sociable plug in (we just did at gnmparents yesterday)

  13. i’ll check, but I’m using the .com version of wordpress.