your choice

In the little shop at the nursery, my imagination was set free. It’s not often you get invited to design some so substantial, so solid.

It made me think:

Do you need a rock hide under? One that is big enough to cover you, allowing you to cower?

Do you need a rock to throw, custom-fitted for hands and hearts that have no sin?

Do  you need a rock to stand on, one that will let you see and be seen?

Do you need a rock to build on, one that will give you a strong foundation, great stability?

What kind of rock would you design for the week ahead?


4 responses to “your choice

  1. It’s amazing how this can be so simple and yet so profound. And this certainly made me wonder as well – thanks, Jon! 🙂

  2. My “rock” pick for the week is stepping stones, put in place by the Master Landscaper, spacing out my walk through the week just as it needs to be, just as I’m not always wise enough to pace it.

  3. Dexter, coming from a metaphor guy, I appreciate your commenting.

    Amy – wonderful image. Thank you.

  4. northpointcc

    I think I would design a rock to climb on. One that keeps me reaching higher and higher and yet not so difficult that reaching the next foothold is impossible.