Summer vacation is soon here.

For Hope, summer vacation started at 2:35 pm on Monday, June 2, 2008. That means it started for me, too.

Not that I get a 10 week break, but there is a change in schedule for us. I noticed it Tuesday morning. I was the one who had to get somewhere first. Not Hope (leave at 7:55), not Nancy, not Andrew (morning? what’s morning?). Me.

And that’s how the summer will be. I’m the one with the earliest hour.

So I’m trying to think about being intentional about that time, about being responsible, about being adult. And it’s working.

But for today? For this Wednesday that is near the beginning of vacation?

Head to the beach. Even if it’s a connecting flight away.


3 responses to “Summer vacation is soon here.

  1. Sometimes being an adult is far overrated and the whim of vacation is always underrated.

    I believe.

  2. a very wonderful woman who shares her soul and ocean with others 🙂

    when we can’t be there in person

  3. Meg, i agree. and answering the whim is sometimes a very very good thing.

    Thanks for the link to roz. A great place to visit.