We are all in the information business. Whether we live online or not, whether our job or our life involves words or not, we are about information.

We know details. We know intentions. We know processes. We know history.

We know the story of where our family came from. We know that the fire alarm is starting to sound. We know how to transfer iTunes from one machine to another. We know where the file is that will explain that person’s motives. We know who to call to solve that problem. Whe know which cable connects that to that (and know that we should have put the labels on the cable ends). We know why driving on the wrong side of the road is dangerous.

We know that at least one person in the world loves our beloved. We know that making a particular choice on a particular night was particularly unwise. We know how to solve problems and when it doesn’t matter. We know that sometimes it’s a hug and sometimes it’s checking the transmission and sometimes it’s folding the laundry and sometimes it’s just noticing.

We know.

But we, or maybe it is just me, have a peculiar capacity to withhold that knowledge on any given day. Maybe it is because we just don’t feel like talking. Maybe it’s because we have a grudge. maybe it’s because we just don’t know where to start or because we don’t know whether they would understand.

Or maybe we think we just don’t know.

But we know. And some of us have knowledge that could help people in wonderful ways if we could just decide on any given morning that, by the end of the day we will answer this question:

“what do I know today that someone else doesn’t…and needs to.”


3 responses to “bottleneck

  1. I think your question provides one really good reason to pray. Otherwise, the decision will overload us with guilt or confusion or stress or…But, we can be sure of shooting our arrows straight to the heart of need if God’s Holy Spirit, in answer to our prayers, is pulling the bowstring.

  2. hmmm. I am stuck on “needs to” and wondering about whose need. This is a delicate one for me.

    I get that we have something to be shared. I get that people have needs. I am just wary of how that “need” is fulfilled. Too often it is about power, the one how knows has it, the one with “need” does not.

    Knowing you, I am confident that this relationship and sharing would be entered into collaboratively.

  3. Amy – right. pray. listen. hearts.

    Rob – I’ll tell you where this comes from for me.

    1. There are things that I know that if it don’t pass them on other people cannot do their work. Sometimes they can’t do it well, sometimes they can’t do it at all. This is particularly fresh after leaving one job and starting another. So if I don’t tell someone, whether in writing or on a label or a video, that this cable is to make that projector work, they will have to reinvent everything I did. It’s doable, obviously, since I did it. But still…

    That’s a need that is not linked to power (well, only if I want to make them look bad).

    2. Other times it is about permission. “You need to know that I value people more than money, so go ahead and call the subject expert for that problem rather than beating your head against the wall forever.”

    3. Sometimes it is about love/relationship, and this is where it gets challenging. Sometimes people say they need me and what they need is to grow up. (sorry for the bluntness). Sometimes, to grow up, they need me. (This is absolutely true for my family). Sometimes need and want are confused.

    This third one is a huge series of posts by itself…but thanks for making me articulate it. When I first formed the question, writing it on the board like you see it, I was thinking about the first one. Who am I keeping from being successful in the work they have to do by not passing on information.