The sights.

We spent the past few days in the northeast, Nancy and I. This year was our 25th anniversary and we decided to be extravagant. A long weekend. In Maine and Massachusetts.

We saw some sights, some historical sights. We saw the outside of several buildings in Boston. We saw a lighthouse in Portland. We looked at rocks and flowers and restaurants.

But we discovered that as nice as old stuff you’ve never seen is, old friends you have never met are even better.

So though we know little about the geography or history, here’s what we know about people in Maine and Massachusetts:

  • They have children and love them specifically and wisely.
  • They eat wonderful pizza that is the exact opposite of my (former) favorite pizza
  • They let you into their houses and lives in humbling ways.
  • They don’t take serious questions lightly.
  • They don’t take themselves seriously.
  • They come to tables with reverential delight.
  • They wrestle and play and know the difference and value of each.
  • They ask questions about themselves that make you think deeply about yourself.
  • They love you, though.
  • They are real people.

I realized that although I like the sights, they seldom change my life.

Unlike the people.


6 responses to “The sights.

  1. amen!

    what a wonderful weekend
    thank-you both for coming to see us
    i miss Nancy 😦

  2. the feelings are mutual.

    and look, no quilt avatars.

  3. How much pizza did you guys eat, anyway?

  4. four times. counting sbarro at Logan. which, of course, doesn’t count. But the other three were great.

  5. I’m very sad to realize that I missed you while you were here.

    I’m am happy that you had a blessed weekend.

  6. oh happy 25th anniversary to you and yours JOn