Who am I this time.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote a wonderful short story about a man who was incredibly shy…until he was on stage, reading the lines of others. Then he became the character.

I almost feel like that as I am starting to rework my “about” page. Not that I want to read the lines of others, far from it. However, a good “about” page calls for a level of disclosure that is helpful for understanding the perspective of the writer. Or that’s what I always look for when I click on “about”.

I printed out my page today and discovered that it is confusing, metaphorical, ill-structured and unfinished. I think that it reflects a couple of versions and a couple of attempts at refinement. I’m pretty sure it needs work.

Part of the problem is that when I started writing, I didn’t want to say much about being a pastor or about any particular religious connection. I was, to be honest, afraid you wouldn’t listen. There was an element of the man in the story. Ironically, of course, you don’t have to read much to discover that, acknowledge it or not, who I am and how I am comes through.

So that’s one of my next projects, to give a page that gives you a clearer picture of who I am without making you read through a couple years of writing. And since the WordPress version of my blog is celebrating two years in June, I’ll have it up by then.

I suppose, in the interest of pretending to invite interaction, what are the posts you think I should link to? What would you like to know? What needs to be in the “about” that you’ve been wondering…about?


4 responses to “Who am I this time.

  1. I like the “tweaked” you. I think un-vague is helpful. There’s nothing missing, at least from where I sit.

  2. “I suppose, in the interest of pretending to invite interaction”
    I think you changed it before I read this… and if you didn’t- I rather like it Rev. Dr.

  3. i did change it. I got bored last night or something. Anyway, thanks Meg!