I can’t figure out what my blog is about. Ten words is the challenge, or 12. And I can’t distill that much.

Becky is trying to help, encouraging, pushing.

But I can’t narrow them down.

So then we went to lunch.

One person I sat with needed to think through a major choice. Somehow, I helped her think through a couple of choices, mostly be helping her think about not rushing.

Another person is thinking about how to take the next step in another choice. So I helped him think about just acting.

So I’m not sure that I’m concerned about figuring out what the twelve words are.

It’s about people.


9 responses to “people

  1. if i had to use one word
    i’d simply say


  2. to describe yours i mean
    not mine!

  3. Sometimes I think there’s value in “stop trying to figure it out and just do it”. I’m learning that. It doesn’t come easily to me.

  4. thanks quiltpunk. that reminds me of a story….

    and, however, you too.

    and anna, you are exactly right.
    1. about the value
    2. about it not coming easy to ME.

  5. wonderwebby

    10 words, good challenge. Sometimes I wonder if I should have two blogs – one personal, and one professional. My topics can be all over the shop. But I hope that one thing they can be about is the power of imagination and inspiration.

  6. it depends, of course, on whether that is a necessary split. I, as you know, have topics all over the place, too. But I am pretty sure I don’t want to be normative.

  7. That was a fun challenge, and I believe I’m on track to “just do”. Loved the chance to talk.

  8. Sorry about the pushing.

  9. wait. pushing isn’t shoving, it’s encouraging. So it’s okay.