outta here

I’m hitting the road in about 15 minutes. I’m heading to the Chicago area for a couple things.

Tonight I’ll be spending time with my parents and sisters. Mom is having eye surgery next Thursday. We’re all spending some time together and thinking about how best to help. Both sisters live close to my parents, so there is good care. I live 4 hours away, wich makes care challenging. So we’ll talk.

Tomorrow I’ll be at SOBcon for the day. Called “a business school for bloggers,” it’s an opportunity to understand how to be more effective in our blogging. My challenge will be to apply the ideas to a blog that has no commercial intentions. However, I am about community and faith community and clear explanations of things often made foggy by religious structures. I think it will help.

More than the learning, however, I’m looking forward to meeting people I know but haven’t seen. Becky McCray and I have written and twittered and worked together on the Great Big Small Business Show. I’ve written guest posts for Liz Strauss, Joanna Young, and Robert Hruzek. Thomas Knoll was part of our Lent2008 community. Chris Cree, Rick Mahn, Phil Gerbyshak, Karen Hanrahan (at least) have shown up in the comments on this blog.

In short, I get to interact face-to-face with I’ve shared a part of my life with. It is scary and humbling and invigorating all at the same time.

Oh yes, and one of the speakers is Chris Brogan.

I’m looking forward to this trip.

(Nancy and Becky, thank you)


3 responses to “outta here

  1. Be sure to tap me on the shoulder, Jon – I’d like to meet ya!

  2. I’m sitting next to Jon right now. How cool is that?

  3. Jon – so cool to finally meet you in person! SOBCon rocks!