developing people

developing people

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  1. One of the most (I wrote “irritating” here first–maybe “useless” is better) accessories in the church I grew up in is a little board that hangs in the front of the sanctuary. Each Sunday the attendance number for Sunday school and for church are posted. At one time, I think the figures for the offering were also posted from week to week. And, silliest of all, “Bibles brought” was also a category accounted for. I’m sure there was a reason for keeping track in such a public way at some point, but the last time I was in an adult Sunday school class in that place and the person taking attendance asked for the Bible count and all the adults held their Bibles up I just wanted to scream “WHAT’S THE POINT, PEOPLE?” Growth matters–and maybe the fact that I’ve ranted about this insignificant point shows that I’ve got some more to do (growing, that is). (BTW, I do love the people in that place of my roots–it’s just that this little exercise seems so silly, in the big picture of things.)

  2. Nancy here: Amy, I actually remember that little board from going to VBS at your church. I always wondered how they knew how many Bibles were brought to church. Thanks for the insight.

  3. …and how do we account for growth? My initial answer: through knowing others, by being with them, through openness and learning and interest in others. Sometimes, there are regressions and that’s ok because if we know each other and see that, we can provide support and grow together.