I’ve been thinking.

That’s a helpful statement, isn’t it? Since the beginning of the month I’ve been thinking about what it would mean if this were my last month. When I’ve paid attention, it’s been a helpful exercise. And it’s told me that I really have to work on paying attention.

One of the things that I know, however, is that there are somethings that I have learned, that I have begun to understand, that I wish I understood, that could be helpful for other people to have. My passwords, for example, would be helpful for Nancy. (So here they are xxxxxxx).

There are some themes that run through my writing here. One of those themes has been prayer. And so, here’s an ebook, called “On Prayer” with six of my posts on prayer.

And an introduction that tells you why I don’t like the word “pray”. Look at it and let me know what you think. (Including any design suggestions).


2 responses to “reruns

  1. i’m looking forward to printing this out tomorrow
    thanks for putting it up!

  2. thanks. i hope it is helpful.